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Registration Criteria

The businesses entitled to register as full members to SEDEAK need to fulfil the following criteria: 

1. They have been established in compliance with the law of the Republic of Cyprus and are registered with the Superintendent of Companies. 

2 They mainly operate as Market Research companies and there exists a relevant provision in their Memorandum. 

3. They mainly operate as Market Research companies during, at least, the past 12 months.

4. They offer continuous employment to, at least, one person with, at least, a 3-year experience in the sector of market research either in a market research company or in the research department of a company purchasing market research services.

5. At least one member of the business is a member of ESOMAR.

6. They can prove that they offer at least one of the following research services:

· Quantitative research

· Qualitative research

· Retail Audits

· Consumer Panel

· Media Monitoring

7. They can prove that the continuously abide by the above criteria

Admission procedure 
Submission of the relevant application form signed by a CEO of the company to the Board of Directors of SEDEAK, which shall examine said form and shall notify whether the application is approved or rejected within 3 months from the date of the application submission. 

Members’ obligations
1. The member shall submit each year a certificate verifying that the company continues to abide by all registration criteria. 

2. The member shall pay the annual membership.

3. The member shall accept the code of conduct and professional practice of the Association of Cypriot Opinion & Market Research Companies.

In case the registration criteria are not fulfilled at any point, the company shall be deregistered from SEDEAK. The deregistration issues shall be examined by the Board of Directors during an extraordinary meeting. 

Admission prohibition 
It is not possible to accept any legal entities whose CEO or other director has been sentenced to imprisonment for any criminal offence.