Correct Disclosure Method of the Opinion Poll Results

posted Nov 13, 2012, 12:18 AM by Admin 1   [ updated Nov 27, 2012, 9:39 PM ]
In view of the presidential elections, the Association of Cypriot Opinion & Market Research Companies – member of the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation - wishes to bring the public’s attention as well as that of the media to the correct disclosure method of the opinion poll results.

The results’ disclosure shall be accompanied by the opinion poll identity as well as the methodology applied, in accordance with the provisions of the code of conduct of ESOMAR (European Society of Opinion Poll and Marketing Research). 

In particular, the following details must be disclosed:

- The name of the company conducting the opinion poll.
- The name of the organisation / political party or person for which the opinion poll was conducted. 
- The opinion poll’s time frame. 
- The opinion poll’s sample and methodology. 
- The geographical coverage (eg. entire country, urban / rural regions etc.) - The data collection method (eg. personal interviews using a ballot-box, phone interviews). 
- The sample size. - The method of sample selection (eg. random multistage stratifying sampling). 
- The margin of error (eg. +/- 3%). 
- Weighting of sample results (weighted factors). 

The conduction, elaboration and analysis of the opinion poll results shall only be done by specialists, and for this reason their correct use and presentation are absolutely necessary for a professional conduct. The Association diversifies its position from researches conducted and results analysed by non-members, underlying that its members abide by ESOMAR’s code of conduct and apply internationally accepted methodologies. 

The Association’s members naturally support and recognise market researches and opinion polls as tools registering the public’s opinions and trends, and call the political leaders and media to show the same necessary recognition. 

However, they many times question the wrong interpretation of results as well as researches conducted by non-professionals (such as call centres or firms appearing during election periods). Both the public and the media may contact the Association at 22 66 51 02.

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